Quality Assurance

Various QA functions are built-into AiRROW Maintenance & Inventory to ensure traceability and track ability throughout the system. Quality assurance technicians have the ability to monitor aircraft statuses, mark work log pages as audited and setup technician authorizations, among many other built in QA functions.


Task and Inventory Histories

Within AiRROW every scheduled task contains a detailed history record. Anytime as task is setup, planned, executed, or un-planned an entry is made into the task history. This provides quality assurance an unprecedented and complete view of the history of a specific maintenance task.

Similar to maintenance tasks, every inventory component contains a detailed history record as well. Anytime an inventory component is purchased, installed, removed, repaired etc, an entry is made into the inventory component history. Directly from the inventory component history, documents such as purchase orders, repair orders or installation records can be opened with the click of a button.


Recurring Defects

Recurring defect tracking is a key component of the AiRROW Maintenance & Inventory system. Anytime a technician raises a defect, AiRROW checks within a defined number of flights, if a similar ATA code has been raised for that specific aircraft. Technicians have the ability to link defects together, and mark them as suspect recurring. From there quality assurance has the ability to track and report on each recurring defect.



AiRROW is designed to manage an organization’s vendor list. Within AiRROW all vendor information, including phone numbers, contacts and addresses are stored. In addition vendors supplying aircraft parts and services require an expiry date. Once a vendor has expired, it can no longer be used until QA performs a vendor audit, and resets the vendor’s expiry date.


Technician Authorizations

Authorization can be set up per technician, per aircraft model. This function ensures that only technicians authorized and trained on a specific aircraft model, have the ability to sign off maintenance work. AiRROW gives quality assurance personnel full control of who can sign off maintenance work.



Detailed activity logs can be generated per aircraft, within a defined time span. Activity logs contain all maintenance work completed on an aircraft, in chronological order, including information such as who signed for work, serial and part numbers installed, and on which log page the work as completed on.