Maintenance Tracking

AiRROW Maintenance & Inventory manager is designed to manage all the maintenance & inventory needs of small to medium size airlines. AiRROW gives airlines the ability to easily manage all scheduled and un-scheduled maintenance.


Planning Gantt chart

A familiar and easy to read Gantt chart display is the cornerstone of AiRROW’s Maintenance tracking function. In addition to flights (which can be entered directly into AiRROW, or can be read from a third-party system) the planning Gantt chart also displays all scheduled ,un-scheduled and deferred maintenance items, at the required projected due times. This gives maintenance planners an unparalleled ability to have a visual representation of the required maintenance items in combination with the flight schedule, all within one interface.


Maintenance Events

Maintenance planners have the ability to utilize the planning Gantt chart to build scheduled “Maintenance Events”, within which scheduled and un-scheduled.

maintenance items can be added. The planning Gantt


chart is available for viewing by any user within the organization, giving Flight Operations a real-time outlook on current and future maintenance actions, along with estimated start and end times.


Online Calculations

AiRROW uses actual aircraft log pages entered into AiRROW, in addition to flights completed after the last actual log page, to determine the real-time total airtime and total landings on an aircraft airframe. AiRROW displays the expected total airtime and total landings at the end of each future flight on an aircraft, allowing maintenance planners to easily determine the real-time and future aircraft parameters, even without the availability of a physical log page. These real-time aircraft parameters are used by AiRROW to determine the exact due times of maintenance items, and where to display them in the Gantt chart view./span>



The Gantt chart can be customized on a user per user basis. Aircraft can be filtered and sorted per login, to meet the needs of a variety of users.  Zoom levels, update intervals and a variety of other parameters are also configurable within the AiRROW planning Gantt chart, ensuring each user has an interface that is most useful to them.



As expected, in addition to the AiRROW’s innovative Gantt chart view, all scheduled and un-scheduled maintenance can also be printed on easy to read reports. Deferred maintenance items, scheduled maintenance, and unscheduled maintenance, or a combination of all three, are all available on aircraft basis. Of course, all reports are easily exported to Excel to allow for an even great level of customization.