Maintenance Planning

AiRROW includes an intuitive Gantt chart planning display. The chart planning display shows flights, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance all within one interface. Aircraft maintenance planning is made easy by AiRROW’s various build-in planning functions.

Planning Chart

AiRROW Planning chart displays all flights, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance in a manageable format. Maintenance planners have the ability to create Maintenance Events right on the Gantt chart, display anticipated unavailability of a particular aircraft. From here, projection items consisting of scheduled or unscheduled maintenance tasks can be drag-and-dropped into each maintenance event.


Maintenance Explorer

The maintenance explorer within AiRROW allows planner to search for any scheduled or unscheduled maintenance task applicable to an individual aircraft. By default, the maintenance explorer shows the next 2 weeks of projected maintenance items to be completed.


Maintenance Events

Maintenance events are designed to indicate what works needs to be completed, and when. A color coding system indicates the priority of the maintenance event itself. Within the maintenance event an unlimited number of scheduled or unscheduled maintenance can be planned. Each maintenance task can be prioritized by the maintenance planner. The Maintenance event is visible to all users, and is an excellent indicator of what work is being planned, and for which aircraft. A works cope can be printed straight from the maintenance event, allowing crew chiefs to easily communicate work to floor personnel.



AiRROW manages the extension of all scheduled maintenance tasks by authorized personnel. Once a task is to be extended, the user is asked to provide a mandatory reason, as to why the task has been extended. Of course, no task can be extended further than its maximum tolerance, defined within the master task.



There are several options available to the planner to ensure maintenance is planned effectively and efficiently. Planners have the option to define pre-draw horizons for required inventory items, pre and post flight taxi times defined per season, and a host of other options.


AiRROW contains several built-in reports that aid maintenance planner in their day to day functions. Projection scopes, open maintenance defects, and extended tasks are just some of the reports available within AiRROW. Reports can be filtered, and easily exported to MS Excel. In addition, custom reporting is also available, allowing users to select and sort columns and print the results of various queries.