Inventory Tracking

AiRROW has the ability to track inventory, manage purchases orders, repair orders and a variety of other documents, while maintaining absolute tracking on each and every inventory item.

Part Numbers

Within AiRROW, Part Numbers are the backbone of the inventory tracking system. Part numbers contain various fundamental properties. One of the properties, part authorization, a key feature in AiRROW, determines which aircraft type(s) part numbers are authorized for installation. Part authorization prevents users in all areas of the software to install unauthorized part numbers in aircrafts.


Inventory Items

Inventory items contain part counters and recertification dates (where applicable), current and past locations, and a variety of other useful information. Every inventory item contains a detailed part history, showing an inventory items

entire history, from purchase to BER and anything in-between. Electronic PDF certifications are required to be scanned in for each inventory item upon reception, given users the unprecedented ability to have an inventory item’s current and past certification(s) at their fingertips.



Purchase orders, purchase requisitions and requests for quotes are all managed within AiRROW. Maintenance technicians have the ability to create a purchase requisition for a particular inventory item, which in turn prompts inventory technicians to create a request for quote and/or purchase order. Of course, AiRROW offers the flexibility to directly create a purchase order or request for quote at any given time as well.



AiRROW is designed to manage repair orders, exchange orders and work orders to record third party repairs, internal repairs and exchanges. Repair instructions can be preset, and defined per part number enabling users to efficiently and accurately generate repair documents. A robust repair order reception interface ensures users accurately received repaired inventory, flagging any discrepancies along the way.


Inventory Management

Inventory levels are managed by AiRROW through minimum and maximum stock levels, defined per part number, per warehouse. This allows airlines to closely monitor, and keep, optimum inventory levels for particular part numbers, even when managing multiple warehouse locations. Transfer orders facilitate transfers between warehouses ensuring that, all inventory is accounted for, and all inventory movement is tracked throughout the process.



AiRROW contains a variety of inventory reports. From entire warehouse reports, to purchase order reports, all easy to read AiRROW reports can be exported to Excel. Reports facilitating physical inventory counts, monitoring of stock levels, and tracking of loaner items, among many more reports are all part of the AiRROW inventory management system.