Financial Analysis

AiRROW reports all financial data in advanced, but easy to read reports. An entire organization's maintenance expenses can be organized per base, aircraft or per flying hour. Purchases, repairs and exchanges are all tracked within AiRROW, giving a complete overview of an organization’s aircraft maintenance activity.

Purchase, Repair and Exchange Expenses

AiRROW is designed, among many other things, to manage Purchase Orders, Repair Order and Exchange Orders. Due to integrated nature of AiRROW, the cost of a component can be tracked from purchase to installation, removal all the way to the end of its life cycle. Purchases and Repair cost associated with a component are associated with the appropriate aircraft upon installation. Various reports are available to view everything from open purchase orders per vendor, to components currently out for repair and everything in between. Dedicated security groups can be setup to ensure only authorized users have access to financial information within AiRROW. Once authorized, users have an unprecedented overview of the overall maintenance cost.



Loaners within AiRROW are clearly marked and can be reported on accordingly. Every loaner component has an owner property, as well as the terms of the loan, stored right within the component screen. Reports can be generated showing where loaner components current reside, or on which aircraft they are installed on. Once the term is up, loaner components can be sent back to the vendor with ease. AiRROW keeps a complete history of the component (even after it has been returned), ensuring complete traceability.


Warehouse Reporting

AiRROW has various warehouse reports available to present warehouse inventory levels. Warehouse reports can be filtered and grouped by component part number type (rotable, expendable, consumable) and warehouse. In addition to aircraft components, AiRROW also has the ability to track non-aircraft components such as tools (including calibration dates and requirements) and office supplies. Of course any of these categories can be reported on, ensuring a complete overview of current inventory levels. AiRROW uses a unique 3 tier system when determining the exact value of any given component in inventory, regardless of the origin of the component. This ensures users are given the most complete picture, in terms of inventory value.


Historical Reporting

AiRROW archives warehouse inventory reports on a monthly basis, ensuring inventory levels can be tracked over an extended period of time.


Summary Reporting

AiRROW has the ability to summarize data from specific Maintenance Events, including components and labor costs. In addition data can also be summarized for the entire fleet, during a specific date range. Work Orders, Repairs, Purchases and labor are all considered in the various financial reports.